Small family vineyard located in the heart of Bourgueil 


Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil front.jpg

Blending of 7 Lieux-Dits on terrasse of AOC Saint Nicholas de Bourgueil this cuvee is extracted in order to conserve the maximum fruity and sweetness. This wine presents a clean initial flavor with supple silky tannins and nose of red currants. The perfect balance between red fruits, herbs, and peppery earthiness.

Tasting Recommendations:

Serve just below room temperature at 15°C or 60°F. Its mellow tannins and refreshing acidity make it an east choice for difficult-to-pair dishes, especially those prepared with fresh herbs.


Domaine de la NoiraieFront_edited_edited.jpg

Blending of 2 blocks of Chenin Blanc on gravel soil. The Berries are harvested in the night to preserve freshness and flavors, pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks. With a lively color with yellow reflections and fruity nose of white currants, this wine presents a clean initial flavor with very lean, minerally style Chenin Blanc.

Tasting Recommendations:

Serve Fresh at 10°C or 50°F

The ideal accompaniment throughout the meal from cold meats to cheese, ideal with white meats