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Bordeaux enjoys the distinction of being the largest AOC vineyard of France, and this can be attributed to its great diversity of high-quality terroirs. The broad range of wines that it produces will satisfy every wine lover for every occasion, while offering a wide price range.


Ribera del Duero is an important wine region in Castilla y Leon, northern Spain. Its reputation is largely thanks to the high-quality of its red wines made mainly from Tempranillo grapes. Soils here are credited with adding complexity and character to Ribera del Duero wines. Alternating layers of limestone, marl and chalk sit under silt and clay topsoil.


Portugal’s wine culture developed in relative isolation therefore many grape varieties do not grow anywhere else in the world. If you don’t recognize the grape variety on a Portuguese wine label, it’s a good thing. There are over 250 indigenous varieties that have adapted well to the Portuguese landscape.


Loire Valley has over 85 sub-appellations with each appellation having its own terroir. Beautiful quaint villages line the

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We are a husband and wife team, Maeghan and Eric Fortier. Millennial Imports is fine wine import company from Saco. We were sitting in a wine bar in Lisbon, Portugal dreaming about importing the wines we grew to love while traveling throughout the world. Finally, we decided to make our dream a reality and established Millennial Imports in 2018. We import modern and traditional wines discovered throughout Europe with a focus on quality and value. 

We named our company Millennial Imports because the American Millennial Generation is expected to be the most well-traveled, well educated, and wealthy generation that has existed in the US. Our aim is to bring home the experiences, culture, and voyages the Millennial Generation has experienced abroad. We are the generation of sustainability, culture, and globalization. Millennial Imports believes in trading up; trading up in the way you live, and the way you consume. We strive to be the import company that brings new adventures to your table, restaurant and retail store.

Nappi Distributors is the exclusive distributor for Millennial Imports in the state of Maine and you can find some of our favorite wines in select restaurants and stores throughout Maine. Just look for “Imported by Millennial Imports Saco, ME” on the back of a bottle. We look forward to meeting you in the near future and cannot wait to share our wonderful wines with you.



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